Week 36

January 4, 2012

I’ve officially started my maternity leave, and it feels pretty good. I was actually bored beginning on the first day off work (it’s currently my 5th day off work counting the holiday and weekend) and was a little worried as to how to occupy the rest of my time until the baby arrives. I’m starting to get the place ready and make a final list of what I still need to buy.

Belly-wise, I’m getting bigger and bigger if that’s even possible. And lately, the baby’s movements have been really forceful, maybe because it’s tighter in there so she’s squirming even more or I’m just feeling it more somehow, not sure. Anyways, sometimes she sticks out a limb suddenly and I get paranoid that she’ll break through the amniotic sac. Today, she’s been really active way over on my right side, almost towards my back. I don’t think I’ve ever felt her so far off from the frontal belly section, so it feels really weird and sometimes feels a little alarming even.

I’ve been taking walks around my neighborhood and trying to get out a little bit just to avoid going stir-crazy at home. However, I do feel a little self-conscious when I’m out in public, almost like I’m doing something wrong for being out instead of resting at home when I’m this far along. I feel paranoid that people are judging me, although I ultimately know that it’s fine for me to take walks, be out, etc.

I know I’ll regret saying this, but I’m really looking forward to getting my normal body back and working out after the baby’s here. The other day, I started reading (more like skimming) Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Body, and even though I’ve scoffed at some of his stuff (hubby’s a big fan of his), I thought he had some interesting things to say and I think I’ll try to implement some of his suggestions post partum. The main strategy food-wise of his is to eat slow carbs, ideally through the same meals everyday, with one crazy binge-eating day out of the week, provided that you’re super strict on all of the other days. His suggestions for the “good” days are eggs, beans, protein, vegetables, and peanut/almond butter if I can remember correctly. I feel like the diet is fairly reasonable, but the one tough thing for me to give up will be fruit. I’ve eaten lots of fruit and have loved it my entire life (very much like my mom) so I know the cravings/withdrawal will be strong once I try to not eat it (although you can have as much of it as you want on your binge day). Another reason why I’m drawn to his diet is that it’ll make grocery shopping A LOT easier, and hopefully cheaper. We’ve been spending a lot of money lately on unplanned snacks and new items that we “just wanna try.”

Can’t believe 2012 as officially begun and the holidays are already over. This will be the last few weeks before my life changes into that of a mother. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet, which is scary, because you’d think that it should’ve already. I know people say that you’ll never be ready ready to have kids, but one comforting thought is that I really can’t think of anything I wish I had done before parenthood. I’ve been fortunate to have done a fair amount of traveling (e.g. through my study abroad program in college and my post-bar trip), go to law school (prob the last schooling I’ve ever go through), and a short but long enough period of partying (ha ha). Plus, it’s not like you can’t do any of those things with a kid, it’ll just be more limited or tougher, but still feasible. Or am I being too idealistic? We’ll find out soon enough…


Random Update

December 28, 2011

I haven’t written in awhile so I thought I would provide an update. Christmas has come and gone this past weekend, and now New Year’s is fast approaching, which means that January is right around the corner, which also means that the baby will be arriving fast. I’m so not ready. On a side note, the past 2 weeks of pregnancy have been drastically different from the rest of my pregnancy – much more discomfort and even pain and it’s so hard to move around and to breathe! I was looking forward to the month before my expected due date because I thought that I would be able to do so much – shop around, set up the nursery, enjoy the “quiet time” before the little one arrives – but now I’m not so sure that any of those things sound that enjoyable, particularly since even laying in bed is even that restful these days.

Anyways, this is my last week of work before I go on maternity leave. And actually, I recently found out that because my term at work is ending during my maternity leave, I’m not going back to work after I take my leave. That was unexpected and caused some stress (still is) because it means that I won’t have my medical benefits sooner than I expected. And maybe it’s also due to hormones, but I’ve been super stressed/slightly depressed/really emotional the past week or so thinking about finances, baby, career, etc. Best case scenario would be for T to find a great job with decent benefits before my job actually ends. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

In the meantime, I’ve been winding down at work and trying to clear out some space in our apartment to set up some of the baby’s stuff. I’ve decided not to set up the crib until we actually need it. We already have 2 bassinets and a play pen that the baby could sleep in for the first few months, so I figure that’s gonna be sufficient for sleep purposes. I feel like the space is still manageable and not overly crowded with the bassinet and play pen, and I’d like to leave it that way.

I have a friend who just gave birth to her little girl about 3 weeks ago, and she warned me about how bad the post-partum recovery is and how nobody ever talks about it. Eek. It doesn’t sound too good. I guess I’ll need to stock up on Tucks, prunes, and thick pads on top of my existing list. Also, I think I need to get some nursing gear like bras and shirts… hopefully Old Navy and Gap will have a decent code soon. Speaking of Old Navy, I bought a Groupon ($10 for $20 worth of stuff) recently which expired Christmas Eve, so last week I trekked down to the flagship store in downtown and omg, the lines were soo long, it was dreadful having to wait to make my purchases. Some of the items were cheaper than online, but vice versa, so overall, I’d rather just shop online from now on. As I get older, the more crowds and shopping with “the public” (I know that sounds really snobby) bother me. Lesson learned!

By the way, I picked up this blanket cardigan from my treacherous trip to Old Navy. I love it, I’ve been living in it for the past week I’ve had it! Warm and not too itchy, and it works well with my massive bump.

Winner! (ding ding ding)

December 6, 2011

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that I won this 4moms Cleanwater Collection baby bathtub from the buymodernbaby.com blog. I’ve been entering random giveaways without giving too much thought as to whether I’d actually win, but I guess I’m living proof that you can win prizes without any catch whatsoever. It’s perfect too because I still haven’t gotten a bathtub for my little one, and this modern little tub features the ability to drain dirty water while filling it with clean water at the same time, so that the baby is kept warm. It retails at $89.99, which is pricey for a bath item, so what a great little treat for me!

Gap/ON/BR – 35% Off Today

November 21, 2011

Stores are introducing sales earlier this year, and Gap/ON/BR is no exception. Save 35% on ALL THREE stores today only (Mon, 11/21/11) with code MERRY. I’ve been eyeing these 100% cotton, footed one-pieces for my soon-to-arrive little one myself – these stripes and patterns are so cute! These particular colors are only $6.50 each after the sale.

Kicks and Punches

November 16, 2011

I first noticed the baby’s movement pretty early on, maybe around at 13 or 14 weeks? I gradually noticed stronger and stronger movement as time passed, but I didn’t really pay that close attention to all the action in my belly. Sure, the ultrasound technician took awhile in getting all the measurements due to the baby being “super active,” and I would feel startled by sudden, jarring twitches especially at work, but it just didn’t really affect me. Not sure why, probably because I just got used to it?

Anyways, for the first time yesterday, I laid down after dinner and hiked up my t-shirt to just watch my belly, and let me tell you, it was BIZARRE. Lumpy movements everywhere, sudden kicks or punches, and almost-rhythmic up and down movements on my left side like a heartbeat. I’m already approaching 30 weeks and Tim hadn’t even really felt the baby until yesterday. Why did it take me this long to become so fascinated by the baby’s movement? I know this sounds dorky, but it was really cool!

Hand on Belly

November 14, 2011

I’ve been feeling self-conscious and awkward about my new shape these days. Actually, I guess my feeling is sort of mixed. On one hand, I’m glad that I’m bigger and obviously pregnant instead of feeling just fat, but on the other, I feel so awkward. And I don’t know where to put my hands these days for some reason. Do I rest them on my stomach or just leave them by my side? Haha. When I have to attend court hearings, I have been resting my hands on my stomach, sort of as a placeholder for my hands (plus to calm the baby if she’s being particularly active), and once my co-worker (male) asked if I was okay because he noticed that I was touching my belly. I thought that was a weird question, but he’s fairly social awkward in general, so I guess it wasn’t that surprising coming from him. It’s not a big deal either way, I know, just one of my silly thoughts as of late.

Save 30% on your entire purchase at Gap with code GAPFRIENDS through Sunday, 11/13/2011. The usual free shipping for over $50 applies. I’m laying low on maternity clothing since I’ve entered my third trimester, and now that I’ve started shopping for the little one, this will be a good time to get some basics like onesies and cozy sleepwear, not to mention the cutest winter outfits.

I know it’s not very practical, but I love these winter white outfits… adorable!