Update: #2

September 5, 2013


It’s been a very long time since I’ve written, but here’s an update:

Rachel is now 19 months old and thriving. It’s been fun and so fascinating to observe her growing. Some of her latest milestones: dancing to songs, anticipating the ending of a song she knows, “obeying” our requests such as “bring me Elmo”, and kicking and throwing a ball.

I’m also expecting our second daughter in just over a month. It’s been challenging to be this pregnant with an active toddler, but I’m trying to remain upbeat and remember that it’s only temporary. I recently read that a lot of moms found that being pregnant with a toddler is much harder than having a toddler and a newborn, which gives me much hope and a feeling of relief. 

Although I didn’t expect to work so soon after having Rachel, I found a freelance gig at an online company which I’ve been doing for over a year now. Now I’m winding that job down as I take the last few weeks of pregnancy for myself, but it’s been a great experience where I can say I’ve tried something new, been good at it, and learned useful skills.

A few months ago, I joined Golden Gate Mothers Group which is a large online community of moms in San Francisco. I should have joined earlier. I’ve gone to a few of the events and between that and the online forums, it’s been pretty handy. Makes me think that I should have joined earlier. One of the most illuminating aspects of GGMG is the Mompreneurs (mom-entrepreneur) subgroups. I don’t have my own business per se, but it’s been eye-opening and inspiring to see and talk to moms who have their own businesses. I’d love to work for myself one day and have been trying to take active steps to figure out what my niche could be.


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