Up All Night

January 14, 2012

That’s been the story of my life as of late. As an aside, I do love the tv show as well – Christina Applegate, “Job” and Maya Rudolph are hilarious in it. Well, I’m up again past 2am. I had a bad snack actually, no, it was a good tasting snack, but one that is bad for you… I’d been craving a kimchi ramen bowl, and we had a bunch leftover from camping season (one of our food essentials for camping), so I dug one out to enjoy right now. I know it’s loaded with sodium and msg, but hopefully it won’t affect the baby too much – isn’t she mostly all developed already anyways? Fingers crossed.

I’m feeling really weird tonight and I hope it’s not related to pregnancy/labor, because I don’t want to have this baby too early. I’m right at 38 weeks, and the perfect time for her to arrive would be around 39.5-40ish weeks (after the lunar new year). I’ve been tired since around 11pm, and I think I actually fell asleep and napped for a little bit, and then woke up because I kept on having to pee and the baby kept moving and waking me up. I also felt a little dizzy and sick, like I’m coming down with something. I hope it’s nothing serious, and that I can get some really good rest tonight.

I’ve been pretty bored (again) lately. I’ve read a good number of books and have caught up with all of the tv shows that I like to watch on hulu, and I’m running out of stuff to look at online. My hubby keeps telling me to just enjoy the quiet and clear my head, but I don’t really feel like it’s fogged up to begin with, so I’m not sure what that would mean for me. I’ve actually been getting more excited about the baby (finally right?) because I wonder if I will find it super fun and enjoyable to have her around. I’m also really curious about whether I’ll fall in love with her right away, or if it’ll take some time. As a first time mom, I don’t know what to expect and have absolutely no idea how it’s going to feel. But hopefully, everything will be alright and this will be the beginning of a very sweet and special relationship.


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