Week 36

January 4, 2012

I’ve officially started my maternity leave, and it feels pretty good. I was actually bored beginning on the first day off work (it’s currently my 5th day off work counting the holiday and weekend) and was a little worried as to how to occupy the rest of my time until the baby arrives. I’m starting to get the place ready and make a final list of what I still need to buy.

Belly-wise, I’m getting bigger and bigger if that’s even possible. And lately, the baby’s movements have been really forceful, maybe because it’s tighter in there so she’s squirming even more or I’m just feeling it more somehow, not sure. Anyways, sometimes she sticks out a limb suddenly and I get paranoid that she’ll break through the amniotic sac. Today, she’s been really active way over on my right side, almost towards my back. I don’t think I’ve ever felt her so far off from the frontal belly section, so it feels really weird and sometimes feels a little alarming even.

I’ve been taking walks around my neighborhood and trying to get out a little bit just to avoid going stir-crazy at home. However, I do feel a little self-conscious when I’m out in public, almost like I’m doing something wrong for being out instead of resting at home when I’m this far along. I feel paranoid that people are judging me, although I ultimately know that it’s fine for me to take walks, be out, etc.

I know I’ll regret saying this, but I’m really looking forward to getting my normal body back and working out after the baby’s here. The other day, I started reading (more like skimming) Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Body, and even though I’ve scoffed at some of his stuff (hubby’s a big fan of his), I thought he had some interesting things to say and I think I’ll try to implement some of his suggestions post partum. The main strategy food-wise of his is to eat slow carbs, ideally through the same meals everyday, with one crazy binge-eating day out of the week, provided that you’re super strict on all of the other days. His suggestions for the “good” days are eggs, beans, protein, vegetables, and peanut/almond butter if I can remember correctly. I feel like the diet is fairly reasonable, but the one tough thing for me to give up will be fruit. I’ve eaten lots of fruit and have loved it my entire life (very much like my mom) so I know the cravings/withdrawal will be strong once I try to not eat it (although you can have as much of it as you want on your binge day). Another reason why I’m drawn to his diet is that it’ll make grocery shopping A LOT easier, and hopefully cheaper. We’ve been spending a lot of money lately on unplanned snacks and new items that we “just wanna try.”

Can’t believe 2012 as officially begun and the holidays are already over. This will be the last few weeks before my life changes into that of a mother. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet, which is scary, because you’d think that it should’ve already. I know people say that you’ll never be ready ready to have kids, but one comforting thought is that I really can’t think of anything I wish I had done before parenthood. I’ve been fortunate to have done a fair amount of traveling (e.g. through my study abroad program in college and my post-bar trip), go to law school (prob the last schooling I’ve ever go through), and a short but long enough period of partying (ha ha). Plus, it’s not like you can’t do any of those things with a kid, it’ll just be more limited or tougher, but still feasible. Or am I being too idealistic? We’ll find out soon enough…


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