Kicks and Punches

November 16, 2011

I first noticed the baby’s movement pretty early on, maybe around at 13 or 14 weeks? I gradually noticed stronger and stronger movement as time passed, but I didn’t really pay that close attention to all the action in my belly. Sure, the ultrasound technician took awhile in getting all the measurements due to the baby being “super active,” and I would feel startled by sudden, jarring twitches especially at work, but it just didn’t really affect me. Not sure why, probably because I just got used to it?

Anyways, for the first time yesterday, I laid down after dinner and hiked up my t-shirt to just watch my belly, and let me tell you, it was BIZARRE. Lumpy movements everywhere, sudden kicks or punches, and almost-rhythmic up and down movements on my left side like a heartbeat. I’m already approaching 30 weeks and Tim hadn’t even really felt the baby until yesterday. Why did it take me this long to become so fascinated by the baby’s movement? I know this sounds dorky, but it was really cool!


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