Hand on Belly

November 14, 2011

I’ve been feeling self-conscious and awkward about my new shape these days. Actually, I guess my feeling is sort of mixed. On one hand, I’m glad that I’m bigger and obviously pregnant instead of feeling just fat, but on the other, I feel so awkward. And I don’t know where to put my hands these days for some reason. Do I rest them on my stomach or just leave them by my side? Haha. When I have to attend court hearings, I have been resting my hands on my stomach, sort of as a placeholder for my hands (plus to calm the baby if she’s being particularly active), and once my co-worker (male) asked if I was okay because he noticed that I was touching my belly. I thought that was a weird question, but he’s fairly social awkward in general, so I guess it wasn’t that surprising coming from him. It’s not a big deal either way, I know, just one of my silly thoughts as of late.


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