October 11, 2011

We haven’t chosen a name yet, but we do have a few that we like so far. Tim has a bunch of rules when it comes to names, e.g. can’t be too trendy, no unisex names, nothing that other kids can make fun of. I’m not too worried about picking a name, probably because we have some options that we’re toying with (better than having nothing at all!). For some, baby names are a sensitive topic and it seems like it’s common not to reveal the name until the birth. My friends have been asking about names, and depending on who it is, I don’t really mind saying what our choices are so far, although I have to say that I have been giving more weight to some of their reactions (none are negative so far) than I thought I would!

Here are our nominees so far, in no particular order:

Rachel (Tim’s favorite so far I think)
Samantha (maybe it reminds me too much of Who’s the Boss though)
Phoebe (might be a little TOO quirky)

Oh and we’re definitely providing her with a middle name, so perhaps her full name will be a combination of those names. And there’s also the possibility that we just won’t be able to decide until we actually see her… we shall see!


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