Baby Nightmares

September 9, 2011

I’ve been having a few nightmares regarding my baby. I read somewhere that dreams can seem more vivid than usual for pregnant mothers, partly because we have to pee so often during the night in which case you could be interrupting your rem sleep, and thus being able to remember your dreams better (and make them seem more vivid).

So my last nightmare was related to this rather common photo of a pregnant belly. The first time I saw this picture, I did a double take and freaked out when I realized what I saw. Let’s say that my feelings haven’t changed since then.

I’m not sure if others are just as disturbed by the photo as I am, or if most people find it cute and amazing and I’m just the unsentimental oddball here. Anyways, my dream was that I was pregnant with a good size belly, and every time I looked down at my belly, I could see my baby girl prancing around inside with arms and legs sticking way out covered in my skin (not just a foot”print” like the photo). Kind of like I was demon possessed with a crazy monster inside. I remember having mixed feelings (in my dream) of horror and guilt for being grossed out at my own baby and needless to say, I was relieved to wake up and realize that it was only a dream.


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