Gap Code – Up to 50%!

September 8, 2011

Check your emails ladies for a Gap code up to 50%. I believe these are one-time use codes, otherwise, I would have shared the code with you : ( If you aren’t already on Gap’s email list, I’d highly suggest doing so. I never buy full-price anything from Gap anymore because they’ve been having such great sales or codes for the past year or maybe even longer than that.

My code ended up taking an extra 40% off my items, INCLUDING sale items. I love when they do that. I think the extra % sales are more common in-store than online since stores have more pressure to get their stock moving, so I was eggcited to see that this code worked online this time.

I’ve been on a low-buy for awhile, but couldn’t resist snatching up these items for a total of $49 and some change. I was still able to get free shipping even though my total didn’t come out to $50+, probably because it was calculated at the price before the discount price was applied, woo hoo.

Skirt and dress are maternity, sweater is from the regular women’s line.

Hope all 3 items end up working out for me. I plan to wear the skirt with leggings (so comfy and a go-to outfit for me these days), the dress with some cute heels and bold accessories (depending on how dressy it is – the dress did get a lot of good reviews), and the drapey cardigan with pretty much anything.


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