*drum roll* it’s a…

September 7, 2011

GIRL! Well, we’re pretty sure it’s a girl. The ultrasound intern was initially sure it was a boy, and then 40 minutes later towards the end of the appointment, her instructor came in and told that actually, he thinks it’s a girl. So, unless we opt for an elective ultrasound or something (which we just might do to confirm before buying all of our baby gear), we’ll probably assume the baby’s a she. After really wanting a boy, Tim was pretty disappointed (and alarmed) to hear that the boy was actually a girl, but I was happy (I’ve always wanted an older girl and a younger boy), and I think Tim is slowly warming up to the idea of a baby girl. So long as it’s a baby dragon girl (lunar new year is on 1/23/12 next year, so depending on when she arrives, she’ll either be a rabbit or a dragon).

Time to finally go shopping!


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