Prenatal Appointment No. 3

August 26, 2011

I had my third prenatal appointment yesterday at Kaiser. I was finally able to meet my doctor for the first time, since the first two appointments were with nurse practitioners and I had changed doctors right before getting pregnant. I’m happy to say that I like my doctor a lot – she’s smart, informative, and on point. No weirdness, no unnecessary conversations (unlike the person I had during my first appointment who went on over an hour about my bag, nail polish, her job, etc. etc.).

Although my bump is getting more and more prominent, the doctor said that the baby hasn’t completely shifted upwards yet. Can’t wait for that to happen because these days, I’ve been feeling more like Homer’s beer belly than a baby belly.

I also had my last blood test for the quad screen for birth defects. Fingers crossed that the test will come out negative.

And also… I’m super duper excited for next Wednesday because that’s when I’ll have my anatomy ultrasound and we’ll be able to find out the gender! I definitely want to know now, but we’re debating whether to find out at the hospital or do something special about the finding out process (like over a nice dinner). Although we are going away for next weekend for Labor Day to the wine country, so we could always celebrate then.


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