Tight pants

July 25, 2011

I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet because honestly, I’ve been secretly hoping to be one of those lucky, overly-blessed moms who was able to wear most of their regular clothing throughout their pregnancy. But alas, these days, my pants, especially my work slacks, have been feeling particularly tight. I know this is not very professional, but I found myself having to unbutton my pants when I’m sitting at my desk (especially after lunch) because it just does not feel good. I’d like to share a couple of ways I’ve found to deal with the problem of not being THAT big enough to actually buy maternity bottoms but regular pants being too constricting.

1. hair elastic trick
Loop a hair elastic through the buttonhole of your pants, then attach and secure to the button on the other side to hold the pant up. Depending on how much room you need, you might want to start off with a fairly tight (smaller) hair elastic, and then gradually use larger ones as you need more room. Ingenius!

2. belly band (or whatever similar stretchy band you may have lying around)
I know the belly band has been popular with a lot of pregnant women, but I didn’t want to shell out the $25 or so to buy a piece of fabric that looked like a large headband. Luckily, I remembered that I had a couple of those stretchy tube-top bras from years ago that I hardly ever wore because they made my already almost-flat chest even flatter if possible. The tube-top bras looked exactly like the belly band, so I tried it and let me say, it works pretty darn well. What I do is slip the tube-top on around your waist area, pull on your pants, zip the zipper (if you can), then fold the tube-top “belly band” over to hide the button part. It’s been working great, and it costs less than the belly band if you don’t have one lying around already (I got mine from Target for less than $10, but keep in mind that this was years ago). You can also try looking for those stretchy body shapers that look like a mini skirt, or even a real tube-top (super stretchy kind) could work.

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